CD Review

Virgil – “Music for the Others”

By Marcus Pan

Music for the OthersMusic for the Others is one out of three CDs I’ve recently received from artist Virgil. In Music For the Others we’re treated to the aural representations of childhood ghost stories, done similarly albeit much more minimally than Joe Renzetti as he did on his Talking to the Dead[1]. Virgil’s work is much lower tone, however, with less activity but still tells some pretty scary stories to your brain.

Ancestor’s Voices’ minimal windy opening riddled with resonating screeches barely discernible…the kind of noise that you hear on a Winter night that makes you wonder just on the edge of sanity if that is only wind or something a little more supernatural. It stays very minimal and just like this with no additives, making you sometimes want a bit more. Brick Houses which follows opens with slow keyboards. It could have done a little more than it did however, only tickling your subconscious with a feather tip. It doesn’t change enough to be 6+ minutes long.

Communing plays around a bit bubbly and surreal-like. An almost spacey atmosphere exudes from it. By the time Dark Park starts I’m hoping Music For the Others will take me someplace, but thus far this track’s church organ movements are the farthest I’ve come and this doesn’t take me too deeply into things either, not reaching its potential somehow, although it’s one of the better offerings here with spooky melodies spliced occasionally into the mix.

Devil’s Teakettle uses bass much in the same way Brick Houses used keys and Dark Park’s organ. But again the anchoring movement is repetitive and simplistic. Dust Devil gets surrealistic again, like Communing, and makes you lose your way being a bit sillier sounding than scary sounding. The piano in Fairview Spector is a nice surprise and is actually quite pleasant, regardless of its being about a ghost. I just wish it wasn’t as repetitive as it was.

Virgil does a decent job of communicating feelings of fear and subliminal anxiety here on Music For the Others, but it might be just a tad too minimal for me. Movements of music are slow and ambient, with little in the way of striking climactic levels of feeling. Instead it remains brooding and introspective and I guess with the building of the music into thoughts of ghostly phenomena and scariness I was hoping for something that would suddenly lash out more than remain hidden.

Contact Information:
Virgil Franklin
Post: R4 Box 2325, Linton, IN, 47441, USA
[1] A favorite, reviewed in Legends #96.