Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Felro Calendra Chapter 1— “Fairy Bugs”

Marcus Pan

The calendar of Albinor came about suddenly. Twas' the idea of Elven King Corellon Avantar in concert with the Mages of Glantri, for they were wise well beyond their years.

Shortly after coming to power, Corellon gave to Glamour Faeriewalker seneschalship during his leave. With him came three staunch-hearted men, including his entrusted captain, Barazzo Swordthruster and two palace guards of the captain's choosing. They set out early on a grey and foggy morning from Alfeim City. The party of four were dubbed the Felro Calendra, for Corellon did not keep the reason of his mission secret.

So the Felro Calendra set out in the beginning of Lefalas and came to Shenrah within a day's travel. There they feasted and made merry, revelling in honor of their new king, for Corellon was well-loved by his people. They tarried a pair of days in Shenrah in merry-making and revelry.

On the third morn in Shenrah the fellowship set out through the forest just as Apollo had begun his o'er-head journey. The four set out on swift riding horses, each clad in white riding cloaks that flailed out behind them as the wind whistled by as they rode.

After more than a week's travel from Alfeim City, the clouds showered Cannolbarth with a light rain. A fresh scent was in the air, and very pleasant it was to the elves. And the light breath of wind ruffled their hair and cooled their faces as they rode, and they let down their hoods and let the shower cleanse their faces. The stamping hooves of their mounts did not seem to make much noise on the soft bed of fallen leaves on the forest floor, for Lefalas was setting. The chariot of Helios bathed the forest and their faces and the manes of the horses they rode in a candescent gold. As they rode on, they hummed softly to themselves or thought of pleasant things. Their travel and thoughts remained easy and unhindered on till dusk, and Diana rose and showered them in her silver glow. The four elves stopped and drank of their wine, and partook of rice cakes from their packs and fresh fruit plucked along the way. It was still warm and they had naught to cook, so a fire they did not make. The silver light of the mood brought out the silver in the barks of the trees, and they seemed to live and breathe a breath of life and refreshment into him, and he was not tired. He arose and resolved to stroll alone just to see the surrounding area, and nothing seemed to be breaking the peace of the forest so he passed through the eaves into the heavily wooded forest. He walked easily, his high riding boots sinking lightly into the leaves and slightly dampened soil from the previous shower. The trees swayed lightly, and the shadows of the night were strange...not strange in that they were frightening, nay, rather they seemed to move and cover, even protect, the figure of Corellon Avantar. He walked slowly on without fear, for there was a strange feeling of easiness up on him.

After trodding some couple hundred feet he came upon a roughly circular clearing. The thick trunks of the trees stood side by side curving away from him. So close were these trees that they created a virtual wall through which Corellon could not pass. He stopped and thought for a moment. Looking around and circling the ring of trees he came upon a small gap in the barrier through which he could barely fit. Squeezing through, filled with curiosity as to the secrets the tree-wall hid, he made it through the gap and came out on the other side of the barrier. What his piercing elven gaze fell upon was a more majestic sight than he had initially expected.

Within the ring of trees was yet another such ring. But this inner ring was not of trees, 'twas of mushrooms. Some were rather large, all topped by brightly colored heads in hues of orange, yellow, red and blue. In the shadowy night around the ring of mushrooms hither and thither twinkled hundreds of tiny lights that flickered and flowed throughout the ring like tiny shooting stars. The scene was so beautiful and filled with splendour and for this Corellon nearly swooned. But instead he stood transfixed as if in a strange daze. The creatures flitted about on tiny, slender wings and it even seemed to the elf that even the soil fro which sprang the ring of mushrooms gave off a faint glow. The fairy bugs came to him and sweetly bid him to take his leave for they had to see to the tending of their ring. A strange feeling came over him then, and he heard them as sweet forest melodies brought to his mind and in his mind he saw visions of all that was beautiful and pure. He deemed their request just and true to heart, so he slowly turned and bid this splendid scene farewell.