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Truckfighters – “Gravity X”

By Marcus Pan

Gravity XThis debut from Swedish rockers Truckfighters was actually recorded in Bombshelter Studios in Sweden, a building who’s previous life was that of a war bunker. Heavy and fuzzy, with chunky guitars and headbanging riffwork, Gravity X is chock full of power guitars, dirty bass movements and heavy handed percussive slams. The whole CD overall is a return to the old Sabbath style of metal, where the mixing board wasn’t necessary and the amplifiers were turned up specifically to catch the noise and not filter it. Lead on vocals and bass by Ozo, with Dango and Fredo on guitar, most drumwork was done by Paco. A few tracks had drums performed by Pezo and Anders Jakobson.

There’s no apologies left and none to ask for, as dirty as you can be here on Gravity X. Sometimes you feel that Gravity X throws back to the 70s in its design, before digital recording and filtering software. If you’re looking for the next great thing in rock ‘n roll, you’re not going to find it here. Instead the Truckfighters give you heavy handed heavy metal and stoner rock with as much fuzz as a gay cowboy’s chest. It’s old style for new rockers – if you’ve had enough of the genre and have no wish to revisit the heyday of metal bands before the record labels figured out how to market it all shiny-like, move along.

The opening fuzz guitar bass of Gargarismo is fast and doesn’t leave any room for breathing before the grunge-style guitars join in a frenzy filled with Monster Magnet and Queens of the Stone Age rock riffage. The ending guitars lace a bit of sweetness and high melodic style to keep things interesting and they open Momentum this way as well. Introspective vocals searching for an answer to something take us into a smooth rock ballad as it builds into a painful dirge of screamy squealed lyrics and angst.

The Deal lays on some serious fuzz with what seems to be techtonic guitar movements at times for a dreamy sound in between the heavier workings. The melancholy trumpet in Subfloor was a nice surprise. Some tracks will go on and on for a bit, which is a tendency that stoner rock lends itself to being well – stoned. Sometimes you don’t mind it as much as it’s stretched out by well-played guitar work and such, but other times tracks could have easily been shortened to give them more punch ‘n go power. You’ll find this in the latter portion of Gravity X.

For a debut album, Truckfighters did a fine job on Gravity X. Call it fuzz rock, old metal, classic metal – whatever. I prefer to use the term stoner rock, as it reminds me of work by Monster Magnet, Queens of the Stone Age, Blind Dog[1], etc. It’s not polished to taste and goes down rough and grungy. It’s however very tightly played and solid. Gravity X shouldn’t be listened to on any stereo less than notch seven or so. While a bit of a throwback, it’s a good one worth giving a listen if you like this genre of unpolished guitar rock – great for speeding to.

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Post: PO Box 40322, Albuquerque, NM 87196-0322, USA
Phone: (606) 246-0884
[1] Haven’t heard from them since Captain Dog Rides Again reviewed in Legends #138.

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