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“Violent Midnight”

By Marcus Pan

Violent MidnightDark Sky Films are still out there, rescuing all the crazy slasher flicks they can get their grubby hands on. This time around they bring us the Del Tenney film, Violent Midnight. In this hour and a half 1963 film, we are introduced to Elliott Freeman (Lee Philips), a Korean war veteran with a shattered past that involves the shooting death of his father during a hunting accident, a pose painter in a small college town. When his latest model turns up dead detective Parma (Dick Van Patten) looks towards either Elliot or the model’s bar-hopping ex boyfriend, Charlie (James Farentino).

When yet another local college girl turns up floating wrong side up in the local watering hole, it heats up a bit. While the police rush to find the two suspects, a third possibility in the form of a peeping tom professor crops up. As Charlie gets hauled off to the precinct, Elliot gets grabbed by his own lawyer to be committed to help his insanity plea and the peeping tom is tromping around, the climax moves to Elliot’s home where his sweetheart rushes over to see him.

The rush to the end of the film where, of course, our murderer is revealed, took me quite by surprise. I can honestly say I didn’t see it coming…the identity of our deranged slasher here in Violent Midnight was really a shock. So while cheesy as always, Violent Midnight delivered a good twisty ending.

Del Tenney moved on to such notable B-classics as The Curse of the Living Corpse and The Horror of Party Beach, this one being his first. It’s a nice addition to the B-cult collection of most slasher fans, with the added bonus of it being believable and even surprising in its mystery.

B-movie hilarity and a good ending? Wow!

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