Editor's Notes

Welcome to Legends No. 16. Our feature article this month is "Scientology - A Dangerous Cult Goes Mainstream." Written by Richard Behar, it will explain the corruption and evil behind the scenes of L. Ron Hubbard's comic book cult.

Also, we bring you the final installment of our Vietnam Mini-Series, entitled "The Wounds Inside." Our popular verse series, the Songs of Albinor, continues with Number 5, "Skarda's Castle."

We debut a new artist this month with a full-page illustration called "The Hulk" by John Ferry.

However, we will not debut Jaken Steele's "The Last Warrior" series until next month.

And lastly, over the next few months Legends will be shifting back to its roots as we become more AD&D-orientated once again. I just have tons of articles to move out before I can do so (happy now Ben G.?)


Marcus Pan