CD Review

10Under60 – “Vol. 4”

By Marcus Pan

Vol. 4What’s a bit amazing about this album is that it’s ten tracks long but goes by so quickly. I’m on my third spin and all I’ve done so far is formulate some thoughts on the album. First thought: Damn good to find something with a bit of energy. I’ve been so damned depressed and all you ambient/experimental fanatics are making me worse. Spinning 10Under60’s Vol. 4 was a breath of needed fresh air.

Buyin’ Your Lies opens with a pleasant daytime guitar strum, even keeled and a bit dirtier but not unlike alternative rockers of today like Counting Crows or Black Crowes. A bit of finely placed keyboards chords it up in the background and suddenly the track is gone. On the second dirge, Rage in My Eyes, it gets a bit grungy, stoner-like, with fast paced rhythm guitar and a really crunchy guitar solo.

10Under60 is very short, blunt and to the point. They don’t blather on for long, just get to it quick and dirty like a punch to the head. By For You and Me we’re experiencing a bit of the blues with basement grooves and dirty down power chords. Again…quickly here, quickly gone – tracks in the range of a couple minutes at most.

In the time it took me to tap out a half of a paragraph in this review, we’re up to track 8, The Message, already. I’ve played it three times and still haven’t finished writing this review…but I need to move on. Fast and fun, 10Under60 gave me a bit of excitement for a change. Vol. 4 is great for a quick pick-me-up, a fast chugged Red Bull in a world of floaty boredom.

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