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Ahab Rex – “The Queen of Softcore”

By Marcus Pan

The Queen of SoftcoreTo give us a glimpse at the upcoming Blood on Blonde, The Queen of Softcore is a five track EP that whets our appetite for the latest release from Ahab Rex. All are remixes of the track The Queen of Softcore. Grudgingly basement and still refusing to come out, Ahab Rex are now adding ever more interesting players to their line-up for this upcoming album such as Chris Connelly (Ministry, RevCo), Steven Siebold (Hate Dept., Information Society) and Martin Atkins (NiN, Pigface).

Ahab's lyrics are spot on, such as "I went and got a shovel to dig her up in my mind." Loping bass and fat back rhythm bring to us the scratchy Album Version that we'd expect to see on the forthcoming release. Sultry Brooke Cassell offer a Vana White like impression of sexiness and lust with her doo wop stylings and breathed vocals. Martin Atkins smashes through this piece while Ahab Rex's grubby vocals rap-speak their way along.

The Ahab Rex Remix funks the track up a bit with a faster bassline and accompanying guitar. The Press Remix takes an ambient-techno slant and this continues into The Countdown Remix but infuses it with a strange downward plunging guitar that is punctuated by loping rhythms and stabs of chord progression and techno baubles. Ahab Rex continues in his vein of dragging movements, suffusing grunge, jazz, punk and thrash into a genre defying mix of basement sludge.

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