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The Barbarellatones – “Cold Sore”

By Marcus Pan

ColdsoreMany of the songs are really quite silly, with talk about cold sores, monster sex (a strange form of beastiality I guess?), movie references, food references and cats. Actually, it reminds me of that Smelly Cat song from Friends. Especially Chocky (Hawaian Dirt Cat) as you can imagine. Overall Coldsore comes out silly and a little kiddish – The Barbarellatones coming across like a walking joke or over the top criticism of everyday life a'la Seinfeld.

By Chinese Food I'm wondering if the lyrics were penned by 11 or 12 year old angsty emo kids. Jaws is purely slow loping surf music with standard fare gnarly lyrics. It just goes downhill from there with yet another cliche' ridden Orange County reference, sexual situations for that shocker teenage-wanted 'R' rating and similar cruft following. I don't know what to say about the disembodied elephant in Tranni Troglodite [sp].

The Barbarellatones show their age by referring heavily to the old 1984 sci-fi horror flick C.H.U.D. (Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller) in I Had Sex With a C.H.U.D. on track 9. No true surf-goth underground band can make it through an album without at least one b-movie horror reference...but usually a little thought goes into the subtelty of the reference.

Medicine Woman is a good shoegazery 4/4 track reminiscent of Tom Petty. It falls prettily into Medicine Wheel, possibly the best two tracks on the album. The closing The Sunset Club is also very good, still moody and shoegazery with an Ed Hale[1] kind of brightness to it.

Coldsore has its good moments and bad moments, as most albums do. It's hard to recommend though because there are possibly four songs I really enjoyed (the first, and then the last three) and the others were actually kind of annoying, even if much of it retains a playful sensibility. I'll leave it up to you based on what I've told you about things above.

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[1] Transcendence’s latest, Nothing is Cohesive, was reviwed in Legends #151.

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