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The Dead Pets – “Too Little Too Late” & “The Revenge of the Village Idiots”

By Marcus Pan

Too Little Too LateRe-released on 10 Past 10 records, The Dead Pets’ underground psycho ska of Too Little Too Late and The Revenge of the Village Idiots make for a good, heavy, stroppy Dropkick Murphy’s brass laced punk sound. Relentless touring in both the states and UK have lead the Dead Pets to a crossroads where they are trying to figure out where to release their upcoming 2006 album, produced by Mighty Mighty Bosstones’ Joe Gittleman.

Too Little Too Late is the rawest of the two, with a bit of ranting, play acting and roleplay. Cloning Sheltered Religious Ignorant Doorknockers for example opens with a Suicidal Tendencies (a’la Send Me Your Money) roleplay by a crooked priest before ruthlessly wrecking the constraints of modern televangelism. King Alfred meanwhile is pure skanking fun with brass lace on a kilt of steel.

Tokyo Crush has an anthema like sound – at times The Dead Pets can remind you of the Bosstones (Ska-Core era), Rancid and most certainly the Dropkick Murphys. The closing Keep Trying is a great track with a folk style with great flutes. There are a lot of convo-breaks through Too Little Too Late also to break things up a bit, adding a basement level.

Revenge of the Village IdiotsThe Revenge of the Village Idiots doesn’t have as many breaks like that, being maybe a tad more serious. It kicks heavy and hard with Problem Child, very old skool punk. If it Sells it Sells is probably one of my favorites with its fast paced bass line and lyrics about media propaganda.

The last few of the album are my favorites from the Dead Pets. Headbanging, The Revenge of the Village Idiots and We’re Coming Back are hardcore punk anthems for all the Oi boys in the crowd. Lock, step and gone!

I really dug The Dead Pets. I’ll actually keep both albums for my personal collection and I’ve put in a request to interview the band as well for a future issue. I’m looking forward to their 2006 release produced by Bosstones player Gittleman. The Dead Pets keep it real and raw without succumbing to the overexposure of ska that killed the scene when folks like Reel Big Fish showed up.

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