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Deadbolt – “I Should Have Killed You”

By Marcus Pan

I Should Have Killed YouDeadbolt have been playing for a decade and a half now. I Should Have Killed You is their seventh release. Made up of Harley Davidson (guitar/vocals), Robert “RA” MacLean (bass), Tank Johnson (drums) and occasionally Ms. Diana Death (guitar), they put together a bit of a blasé rock’a’billy thing, similar to The Young Werewolves[1] or Cult of the Psychic Fetus[2]. Only with less excitement.

Their sound is laid back, more billy than rock. Lyrics are a bit hum drum and overall the sound lends itself more to a Johnny Cash performance to a pressed CD. From the slow moving I Should Have Killed You to the zombie story of Tell Me Where He Lies, Deadbolt take a folk tale approach to their music reminiscent of Charlie Daniels Band. Harley’s vocals are deep and tough as he spins his yarns.

What’s lacking on I Should Have Killed You is excitement. The music is standard fare, the lyrics are cute and simple and I find myself looking for something a bit more interesting. Scary Voodoo Girl hops from “ghoul to ghoul” for example.

There’s a remake of Jimmy Dean’s Big Bad John here as well, with a continuation of the story at the end in which John makes it out of the mine and goes on a killing spree. Let the folk hero lie, says I…he died with more honor than Deadbolt give him. But then again, most of Deadbolt’s music is about killing things and those things occasionally waking up.

The old west meets modern splatterpunk here on Deadbolt’s I Should Have Killed You. It’s cutesy, but I’m expecting a bit more complication, a bit more excitement and some better stories from a band with a decade and a half of history.

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[1] Interviewed in Legends #151.
[2] Interviewed in Legends #109.

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