CD Review

Emulsion – “Blue Sky Objective”

By Marcus Pan

Blue Sky ObjectiveA bit jumpy, strange and bright, Emulsion's Blue Sky Objective, thier first full length, is an interesting amalgamation of shiny objects in an eerie mix of blue gray jello. Nathan Koch's personal moves throughout the North American continent has given him a rare opportunity to get a glimpse of music in general, and electro in particular, from numerous sides of the country, including underground hotspots like New York and Chicago. This has given him the ability to take pieces of each and fuse them into an interesting brew – the techno rhythms of Chicago, trance shinyness of New York and bright bubbly sounds of San Francisco joined together on Blue Sky Objective.

The album is rarely gritty or dirty, typically bright, occasionally with a ghostly undertone that simmers beneath the surface. Tracks like the super short A Personal Message tinker clap against a slow moving synth melody. Tweeism opens with a childlike toy piano flat-based melody, tapped with just a touch of impatience to rally against any attempt at rhythm control – but somehow I enjoy it.

Without is the only time we see a bit of dirty rhythm, but backdropped against the pink-blue ambience and washing waves it cleans itself before your eyes (ears?). Final track, You Were All There, picks up the pace with a speedy harpsichord running start. The first hint of humanism shows up here in very underground utterings that you can barely discern. Nathan lays on ambient layers of sound and melody in thick waves.

Though thirteen tracks in length, Blue Sky Objective is a short album at just over a half hour. I was expecting a bit more length and journey from a debut full length, especially after Emulsion started with the EP Death of an Author[1] three years ago. What I heard I liked, but more should have been offered in this main course following 2004s appetizer. With that caveat in mind, Blue Sky Objective is a nice coalescence of electronica infused with different scenes and sounds. It's a bit eccentric of course, bubbly at times with a jovial flavor and light aftertaste.

Contact Information:
Lens Records
Post: 119 N. Peoria St., Suite #3B, Chicago, IL, 60607-2395, USA
Phone: (773) 704-8044
[1] Reviewed in Legends #145.

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