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The Evolutionaries – “Exoskeleton”

By Marcus Pan

ExoskeletonWe’ve encountered The Evolutionaries before…and reviewed their Normalized CD back in Legends #149. Exoskeleton is similar in style and make-up; fast paced, crunchy and speed laced. Borrowing from punk, hardcore and electronic, coming across sounding like a Jerry Only/Marilyn Manson bastard child, The Evolutionaries stomp happily about the New York area. Well, maybe not happily – but stomp they do.

Right out the gate Exoskeleton comes out thrashingly fast with Recombination and Model Citizen which follows. The Center Will Not Hold will slice in some melody like a scalpel filleting the heavyset guitar riffs. Vocals touch whinyness without sounding like cheese.

Bliss’ use of off-kilter sounds that clash together, a furious battle between electronics, drums, guitars and vocals – only one army short of a Lord of the Rings level razing of the plains. Closing this short five track release is This World is Ending. After brutalizing you for a while, a windy ending blows away the torment of the album. An interesting close to the Exoskeleton EP.

Nice work again by The Evolutionaries. Exoskeleton is similar in scope and style to Normalized but with all the genres the group borrows from it’s hard to sound dated or rehashed when you have so many pieces to put together during the creation of a single track.

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