CD Review

Fektion Fekler – “Immersed Heroics”

By Marcus Pan

Immersed HeroicsFektion Fekler's latest, Immersed Heroics, is a collection of rarities and unreleased demos in the FF catalog between the years 1992 and 1995. These were songs cut off of the debut From Here to Heaven and shows you examples of what didn’t make the grade – but it’s hard to tell why as individually many of the tunes are not bad.

Your Head is a good song with heavy solid drums and bubbly bass-lined synthetics and a touch of vox on the lyrics. It's a bit dirtier and grittier than Into the Sun, FF's previous release,but on the same token I've claimed Into the Sun as a bit washed out so I prefer this. Has a Croc Shop type of sound and style.

Another Black Bridge stays industrial-like more than ambient-like. It goes on for an exruciating long time, however, and I'm losing interest halfway through. Addicts Lullaby suffers from similar drag issues, though the preceding instrumental Ultra has an old world feel to it while still using modern electronics as its make-up – reminiscent of Skinny Puppy’s softer side. Addicts Lullaby does add a pleasing young girl vocal set, but the surrounding work doesn't seem to move me as much, hence the drag.

Tempt is extremely bright after the deeper musings earlier in the album but with darker tinged vocals that create an interesting ambiguous sound. Likewise Before the First has a brighter atmosphere with tinkering synth scales and windy vocals touched with a lace of evil – Fektion Fekler are masters at creating ambiguity between bright melodic overtones and darker lyrics and vocals to tempter them into a greyer atmosphere.

This brighter-melody darker-vocals tone continue as we move into Nailed Down. Vertical Smile comes off very Croc Shop[1] with deeper melodies and voxed lyrics. There’s still some fine melodies, but it comes off as a bit stock.

Overall Fektion Fekler has shown us some late 80s early 90s era industrial and EBM, but it’s one of those albums that I’m going to not remember spinning as I move ahead. Skinny Puppy might get more aplomb from releasing a rehash album[2] of rarities and cuts like this, but one wonders if Fektion Fekler has a strong enough following to pull this off. They certainly have fans…but enough of them to justify releasing rarities from fifteen years ago?

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[1] Croc Shop’s Croc_Shop.SEA double CD set comes to mind. Reviewed in Legends #146.
[2] Remix Dys Temper, for example, was reviewed in Legends #87.