CD Review

GF93 – “The Bloody Bastard Remixes”

By Marcus Pan

The Bloody Bastard RemixesOpening with unimpressive, scratchy, overdone experimentalism with the Bloody Butcher Mix of Demonology, GF93’s The Bloody Bastard Remixes are an example of already-mish mashed music remixed into even more mish-mashyness.

Tracks from GF93’s OSR and Convulse All Star albums were offered Internet style on file sharing networks worldwide, for a bunch of underground folks to pick up and attempt to make the tracks sound even more amateurish. Trustpay (Meltskin mix) offers an interesting rap-style vocal dirge, but the backing music rarely meshes with the spit vocals. Eight Years (Loozoo Remix) opens with washed out vocals and rhythmic static to complete an unremembered vision of fruitlessness. Joining high-strain guitars playing stuff I’ve already heard on higher strings segues into industrial cliché lyrical content.

Bring Further Signification (Srub Mix) is similar in that it is moved by nothing more than static rhythms and repetitive vocal spits. Lesive (Lay Down Mix) gets a bit interesting with its swaps between high and low tones, but doesn’t hold me well enough. Christ Buck-RU (404 File Not Found Mix) gets fucking annoying. That’s about all I’ll say about that one.

There’s not much more I can add as we move along. More fast-paced staticy rhythms and boorish 404 loops with Earthagram, and it just keeps going unchanging, boring, uneventful. Then the Vanguard XL Remix of 25 Times Fire Devastates tries to get all experimental-ambient on us at outset (the blarrghy vocals doesn’t help the ambience much) and slides in yet another boring 404 drum loop over background ambient washes that don’t coalesce even slightly creating a muddy mixture of blah.

None of the tracks here strike me as being memorable or even fresh and new as far as the experimental/industrial genre goes. It’s just another basement band making basement level music with basement equipment. It’s standard fare 404 drum loops, static effects and blasé lyrical content overdone by remixing from wanna-be music hacks. Very uninteresting at best, downright annoying at worst.

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