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Jed – “Synesthesia”

By Marcus Pan

JedI’m impressed right off the bat by Jed’s wonderful press kit; bound stiff pages with a nicely written biography, photos, newspaper articles and other stuff. Someone put a lot of time into this, I hope they did the same with the music I’m about to play. The band’s been active for about a decade now, swinging about the wsest coast. Synesthesia was released on April 1, 2006 and landed on my desk just a short time later for my perusal. The press kit looks something like a scrapbook – I approve and enjoy, it wasn’t a chore to read.

I find myself interested from the start with Madmartigan on track 1 – a Disturbed kind of sound with well done movements, building introduction and blistering high-pitch guitar. Vocals are slow and strong, yet retain a choirboy appeal that challenges nicely against the heavier backgrounds. Ten years of playing have certainly given Jed a strong base from which to build, with Synesthesia being their sixth release overall.

I wanted to take a moment to mention how much I like well-written humorous press kits. You know a band is going to be a bunch of cool people to hang out with when they come right out and say that their first release is lost to time and not to be considered for re-release “unless to induce vomiting.” If I was as smart as them you wouldn’t be able to see the pile of paper poop that is “Legends #1” at our website – but alas, I’m much dumber than Jed.

SynesthesiaOde to the Yeomann uses metalriffic guitar movements with heavy-handed drum slams to keep it in check. The group, by the way, is made up of Mike Carr (guitar), Chad Kunesh (guitar), Mike Peterson (drums), Mike Henninger (bass) and Erik Heimann (vocals). Has a definite Seattle-grunge feel – Soundgarden influence perhaps. Peterson’s drums on Nothing and Nympho are wonderful, with a tribal beat combined with a metal style. Heavy riff guitar and rhythm slams give you a modern nu-metal sound with none of the trappings of corporate pressure. Metragnomes is a good name for a song, and here we have some rhythmic guitar playing and some higher-pitched squeals that break into a slam fest of heavy drum beats and nice lyrical rhythm. Very chunky and filling.

I dug Jed a lot. It’s got the heavy nu-metal slams I like and it’s got the hard edged basement mixing I also dig. The band sounds tight and dead on, with head slamming rhythms and beats. A brilliant press kit shows us the past history of a decade-long history of stage stomping. Synesthesia is worth picking up for any fan of alterna-Korn, nu-Disturbed or grunge-Garden. Chunky and hot like a hearty chili cook off.

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