CD Review

Karda Estra - “The Age of Science and Enlightenment”

By Marcus Pan

The Age of Science and EnlightenmentRichard Wileman's Karda Estra is a favorite here at Legends, with its slick combination of classical elements and music combined with modern electronics and rhythm movements. Karda Estra are made up of Richard Wileman (guitars, keys, percussion), Ileesha Bailey (vocals), Helen Dearnley (violin), Caron Hansford (oboe, cor anglais) and Zoe Josey (flute, saxophone).

The opening Talos on this, Karda Estra's sixth album The Age of Science and Enlightenment, will move from subtely comforting and ensuring movements of oboe and flute into breathtaking crescendos of string hits and darker movements as clouds gather overhead for the thunderstrike you know will occur at any moment.

Namesake of the album, The Age of Science and Enlightenment, is a slow moving piece with classical wind instruments given the upper hand. The piano follows behind and under it, adding a sense of strength to the flute, oboe and horn melodies though the piano will take an occasional triapse down the misty path ahead of the brooding horns.

Tracks five through seven are sub-titled The Return of John Deth, and consist of The Red Room, Bones in the Moonlight and Nocturne Macabre. The Red Room opens the set with very ghostly and eerie movements, but tries to remain subtely nice, like a murder in a sunny garden. Bones in the Moonlight is a dark twisted danse macabre, fast paced and classical.

Karda's work is still quite good, and on their sixth album their agility at combining modern musical styles with classical instrumentation is still top notch. The Age of Science and Enlightenment will swiftly move from eerie to sublime, lucid to experminetal – sometimes within the same song. Eccentric though it may be, The Age of Science and Enlightenment is a brilliant example at what can be done with music from two different times within one surreal reality.

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