CD Review

Melmac – “Melmac”

By Marcus Pan

MelmacMade up of brothers Luc and Nicolas Reverter, Melmac come to us from Paris on Ronda Records. The gist is a dark ambient format. A bit annoying, but the tracks on Melmac are listed as I.2 through IX.2 without what I would call real song names. Let’s listen…

I.2 sneaks in behind the walls, knocking slightly as the storm builds, a slow moving nightmare that oozes into the room. An acoustic guitar sidles in quietly, strumming a lonely tune. Spoken French comes in next as the track grows more ominous. Electronic feedback kills the track and spills us into II.2 after a fade out.

A bit more energy arrives in the form of swirly guitars and strumming acoustics, backed against windy storm clouds and a sense of foreboding. III.2 continues in this vein with pleasant guitars backed against a dark, evil transluscent backwash. It’s an interesting effect, pleasant on the forefront but damning on the inside. The backwash grows over the guitars, overtaking any niceness as it bubbles over into the forefront and trashes the pleasantries after which a light organ plays a funeral dirge before we are left alone.

IV.2 is a sudden switch, almost silly with a hoppy shaky rhythm. For V.2 we’re again adrift in ambience, ghostly surroundings and barely discernible discussion bubbles up like a frothy undertow. VI.2 is similar but spacey and I dig where it takes me. IX.2 brings Melmac to a close with electro-washes that fade us back to reality, though the track lasts a bit longer than I’d like.

I thought Melmac was pretty well done, combining elements of folk-like guitar melodies and modern ambient movements, Melmac’s third release is fine for your darker pleasant evenings. It’s smooth enough to be background fodder, yet engaging enough to take you places.

Contact Information:
Post: 1 Rue Alexandre Parodi, 75010 Paris, France
Phone: (094) 101-1575