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Myk Jung – “Zenith is Decline”

By Marcus Pan

Zenith is DeclineVocalist Myk Jung of industrial acts The Fair Sex[1], Testify[2] and Nice Girls Bleed has stepped up his musical maturity to create Zenith is Decline. It was his attempt to "bring forth tears of emotion" as he pulled songs from his secret stash of sad melancholic movements. Joined by his ten year old daughter Allegra on two tracks, Zenith is Decline is certainly a very different movement from his previous work.

Reminiscent of work by David E. Williams[3] vocally, with deep bass laden monotones surrounded by experienced accoustic guitars and controlled piano, the album shocked me as much as Delierium's[4] difference from Front Line Assembly shocked me. The seventeen tracks on the album consist of nine balleds connected, introduced and closed by Flight I through Flight VI, soft touching melodies of ambience and smoothness. Flight I: Ellipse for example opens with lightly tapping piano that grows into pleasant keyboard overtones interspersed with electronic movement and whispers. Wonderfully done.

Flight II: Bleach shows some of Myk's capabilities in electronic music born from the experience with his industrial outfits. Allegra joins us on A Dream of Sway, a surprising addition to the mix. She's a sweet singer with the right touch of childishness without sounding too young. At first listen I thought that the female vocals here was definitely young, but until I read the press kit accompanying the CD I had no idea how young. Allegra's already showing a strong singing ability at her young age and I can only hope she continues as she grows up.

MykThe old industrialized Myk sneaks a bit through on Flight III: Fleeing, a heavy-handed combination of industrial guitar and modern grunge. The phasing in of the deeper tones on the vocals on Beyond All comes across sounding like more of a mixing error than a wanted aberration, but Beyond All is a nice showing of a track that grows larger as it grows older. Flight IV: The Innermost gets Halloweenish and edgy like the previous Flight. I'm really digging these segues, in some cases more than the ballads. I feel like the weird guy in the fancy restaurant eating only the garnish sprigs.

Veiled brings us Allegra again, sounding somehow younger than in the previous track. A sweeter melody sounds a sweeter voice. Toys of Time is a favorite as it's one of the speedier tracks on Zenith is Decline.

Zenith is Decline is certainly a departure from Myk Jung's usual work and sound. While slight influxes of industrial guitar show up in segues like Flight III and Flight IV, it remains slow moving, accoustic and piano-based throughout. Vocals by young Allegra are a treat and I'd like to hear more, and tracks that move a bit quicker than the other slow moving melodramas such as Toys of Time are highlights as well.

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[1] Thin Walls Part II was reviewed in Legends #149.
[2] Triviality Beyond Acceptance was reviewed in Legends #125.
[3] David has two releases reviewed in Legends #97.
[4] Delerium’s The Best Of was covered in Legends #147.

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