CD Review

Nightcrawler 1947 – Demo

By Marcus Pan

Nightcrawler 1947In step Neightcrawler 1947 in 2004. Made up of Matt Rudd (bass/lyrics/electronics), D (drums/percussion/electronics/vocals/art/lyrics/hat rack) and Simon Inferior (vocals/electronicws) with stuido member Damien Krystov (electronics/vocals). They need a fucking generator of their own in the backyard of their homes just to play because of all the electronics I'm guessing. That probably tells us why it's so muddy throughout this demo CD - everyone's stepping on everyone else's musical toes.

Notice there's no guitar listed. And note that all three of them doing electronics wasn't enough - they had to call Krystov in to add to the electronic ensembles. There was a scene in the movie The Aviator when Hughes was laughed at for needing more cameras for his airplane movie. "You don't think you have it with x cameras?" "No...x more should do it."[1] This reminds me of that. Meanwhile on Emma I swear those are strumming guitars. I'm wondering if they forgot to mention guitars in D's list of responsibilities.

Nightacrawler somehow seems kind of...broken. Nothing fits right, like the nine tracks here on the demo are actually nine separate 300 piece puzzles. And Nightcrawler 1947 poured them all on the floor at the same time and put all the wrong pieces with all the wrong puzzles in all the wrong parts so you have nothing resembling a discernible song. William Burroughs would shoot a wad over it, though, even if I don't.

There are some interesting elements - the groovy bassline of Malus for example combined with the extraterrestrial background synths is fine, but then a boorish drumbeat and disassociated vocals are thrown in to create an incorrect fitting. Deathflower likewise has a nice bassline and background synthwork, but then the vocals once again aren't quite sure what song they're from and kind of ramble without merit to anything around it.

I have to pass on this one. I think it's ballsy to form a band with no guitarist...i'll buy that for a dollar. Neat-o, bass only. But it seems to me that, other than the initial idea of this being interesting ideawise, the execution isn't done right. The guitar(s) would have solidified the otherwise mish-mashy accoutrements of Nightcrawler 1947. Give them something to attach to rather than fall to puzzle pieces on my floor.

Contact Information:
Nightcrawler 1947
Post: 41 McDermott Rd, North Haven, CT, 06473, USA
Phone: (203) 503-0188
[1] I'm sorry but I don't remember the exact numbers used in these quotes, and I don't feel like looking them up.