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“And Now the Screaming Starts”

By Marcus Pan

And Now the Screaming StartsAn old curse, a new wife and a splendid castle-like mansion give And Now the Screaming Starts an old world feel in the genre of spook masterpieces. Everything that defined the haunted house style story of old is here – spooky portraits hanging on the walls of the old family estate, a spooky mysterious woodsman, severed body parts and ghosts galore!

When Charles Fengriffen brings his new wife, Catherine, home to his family estate in the foothills of England (circa 1795), an old gypsy like curse placed on Charles grandfather comes to roost as well. A nasty old man with a nasty disposition and inability for remorse, his grandfather’s actions breed a malevolence that follows his family until the first “virgin bride” is brought to the old manor. Catherine’s fate is, as expected, being the first virgin bride since the time of her husband’s grandfather.

The visit to Catherine’s wedding bed of an old and angry spirit ushers in the final moments of the curse, following harrowing episodes of ghostly visits, horrible sights and the search by Catherine to discover the truth about the curse that had, up until now, remained secreted in the Fengriffen family books with Charles disbelieving and others not telling due to fear of the spirit.

And Now the Screaming Starts was a good film, combining elements of splatter horror and Night of the Living Dead style grotesquerie. It also retains an old world flavor without becoming too outdated, bringing out some classic elements of haunted mansion storytelling. Well directed and not nearly as b-cult level as other Dark Sky offerings, And Now the Screaming Starts is a good addition to any classic horror aficionado’s collection.

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