CD Review

Siiiii – “Ancient”

By Marcus Pan

AncientI find myself terribly unimpressed with the loping whining madness that is Siiiii’s Ancient release. Put out by King Sol Records, we find ourselves listening to tracks like Split with trepidation – unimpressive dirty drums and a whining vocal score permeate this opener and sets us up for the amateurism and boorishness to follow. The agonizing guitar seems to be off on its own, trying to find a place to be and failing miserably.

Originally Siiiii began in 1983, whined a bit, then disappeared until 2005 when they re-appeared with little more wisdom in the genre of creating musical score. Claiming “versatility” as their main precursor to their music, I find this to be versatility only synonymous to amateurity. And Split continues to annoy as I write this, high pitched squeals from someone who shouldn’t have been given a microphone.

Conception is Bauhausian in make-up, but terribly recorded by someone who hasn’t figured out how to appropriately set levels and presence. Vocals are floaty above and there’s accompying melodies, but they are far below and trapped so low key that it’s blatantly uneventful.

That’s the scenario on most of Ancient. It really sounds ancient…and old, and slow and badly recorded. Overgrown Eyes uses a slow moving grungy bass line to crawl along like a dying slug. Dust’s bassline is faster moving and breathes a little life into the album that has spent the first three tracks dying slowly, but its impossible to drag the rest of it along for any fun.

Speaking in Tongues is a reading of sorts, with ambient ghostly backgrounds. The album tends to fade into the background for me, trying to be artistic but only being boring. Equator is an experimental mash up of badly played drums and stuff. I think I’ve had about enough, really. I can’t recomment Ancient even to those fans of 80s goth. Granted much of that was recorded a bit amateurish as well, but Siiiii hardly even try to get it right.

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