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Tor Lundvall – “Empty City”

By Marcus Pan

Empty CityNew York painter Tor Lundvall releases his Empty City CD on Strange Fortune, following up his 2005 release of Last Light[1]. This will be his sixth CD release and shows a strong performance in the ambient and electronic genre. Tor straddles the edge of minimal ambience with his work, preferring to provide less accompaniament to enhance listener’s imagination.

The disjointed and windy opening Scrap Yard has visions of dystopian architecture and failed industrial sprawl. The darker imagery remains through Platform #3 and Running Late starts to lift a bit without really piercing the gloom.

This particular CD remains very underground, crawling and elusive. Grey Water is merely a continuous river of slow moving waves, ebbing and flowing in a metallic mercurial stream. Wires’ disturbing tones is what I expect rampant electrical currents might sound like had I the ears to listen. It reminds me of the disease from Johnny Mnemonic.

Namesake Empty City is the first time you’re not overly bombarded with the gloomiest of melodies, seemingly the world itself is attempting to regrow naturally now that humankind has ceased to be and the cities are bereft of human life. A natural order attempting to reassert itself in a previously ruined environment of smoked out skies and scrap yard junk. Clearing Sky is another example of this, as the chemicals that have raped the atmosphere siphons away, clearing away the damage done by men.

Tor’s still quite good at his music as well as his painting, and manages to combine the two to create a dark menagerie of colors and artwork within the body of his music. Empty City is a journey from the end of one age to the beginning of a newer, cleaner and better age of naturality and abundance instead of what we see now – destructive endangerment to the environment. Maybe it’s the only way now – empty the cities, save the world.

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Phone: (617) 718-9990
E-Mail: salo (at) strangefortune (dot) com
[1] Reviewed in Legends #149.

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