Ranticles: “Why are Toronto's mayors always so stupid?”

By Canticle

CanticleSo the headline on CNN?

"Canada blames US for gun violence.”

This is derived from commentary that many weapons used in violent crime in Toronto are smuggled in from the US (true, but doesn't mean that’s the fault of the US, that's the fault of the people doing the smuggling), and the absolutely idiotic commentary from Toronto Mayor David Miller that "It's a sign that the lack of gun laws in the U.S. is allowing guns to flood across the border that are literally being used to kill people in the streets of Toronto."

News flash, Mr.Miller. The crime problem in Toronto has very little to do with US laws. Criminals wanting to arm themselves isn't anything new. If the problem is guns being smuggled in from the US, the solution isn't blaming US laws, which are probably pretty unpleasant for weapons smuggling, the problem is enforcing existing laws at the border. Maybe if David Miller hadn't spearheaded the efforts of Toronto City Council to produce a police services budget that the police department felt would eliminate essential services, he'd have a little more of my respect. Then again, Toronto mayors over the last few years haven't exactly inspired confidence...there was Mel Lastman, who most will remember for his decision to ask for Army assistance when Toronto experienced snow that most people in Winnipeg have to trudge through every winter. I remember him most for threatening to kill a reporter when his wife was caught shoplifting. And Toronto? Wonder why you have a crime problem? Mel Lastman was shaking hands with the Hells Angels during their convention in Toronto.

I generally don't engage in the Toronto bashing that so many people in Winnipeg enjoy, because I love Toronto. Way better night life than Winnipeg, and I would give more than two thumbs up to Indian food I've experienced there if I could. Your beer prices are atrocious though, those alone convince me that at least some of the abuse hurled your way from the West is justified.

But come on...Toronto mayors have been pretty, shall we say, devoid of common sense over the last few years.

Don't make me move there and run myself.

And CNN? Mr.Miller no more represents all of Canada than Bill O' Reilley or Tucker Carlson represent the US. I have yet to see the CBC run headlines of 'US calls Canada retarded' because Tucker Carlson called Canada America's retarded cousin, nor do they run headlines of 'US calls Canada Nazi state' when Bill O'Reilley referred to the CBC as running Nazi style propaganda. Try to hold yourself to the same standards.

Canticle on December 27, 2005