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“Trilogy of Terror”

By Marcus Pan

Trilogy of TerrorIn the midst of a nearly 48 hour straight period of working in the home office, I took a break and delved into one of the recent DVD reviews I had to look at. I was intrigued by this one because it really tries to grow over the B-cult fare that I’ve seen earlier from Dark Sky Films. And it has such notable names attached to the project.

Made for TV, the Trilogy of Terror tells the story of three women – all played by Karen Black – in three short Twilight Zone like episodes. And no wonder – the stories were written by Richard Matheson of The Twilight Zone fame as well as William F. Nolan (Logan’s Run). First off, I found the constant reminder that MPI owns the rights to this and it’s only for private purposes overlayed at the bottom of the screen at all times a bit of a nuisance, and additionally I found all three episodes to be somewhat predictable in content.

The first episode tells the tale of a college teacher who seems to have been taken advantage of by an amorous and controlling student named Chad. Throughout the film I’m full sure that the meek Julie is going to turn the tables on Chad in some way, and I knew in my heart of hearts that she had orchestrated it all somehow. Yes indeedy, dead on. Point Pan.

Next we have a story that opens with the humdrum and plain laced Millicent warning folks about the antics of her Satan worshipping evil sister Therese. From the get go I knew what was going on here – a tell tale and obvious case of dual personality syndrome. The clichéd presentation of the super-prudish Millicent contrasted against the super-slutty Therese couldn’t have been any more obvious.

Lastly we get a full dosage of ghastly blue cheese. This one has all the make-up of dated horror – the living doll, the bathtub scene (admittedly very low key for early TV of course, but implied) and the loud screaming woman. She brings home a fetish doll for her anthropology professor boyfriend. The doll has a gold chain around its waist and its said that if the chain is removed the spirit of the African warrior that inhabits the doll will bring it to life to kill again. Okey dokey…just before her bath, she puts the doll down and the gold chain happily falls off. What follows could have been comedy for all the laughs it got out of me. The ghastly big mouthed fetish doll runs around slashing her a while, gets shoved in a suitcase to cut itself out, thrown in an oven to burn and chases her from room to room. I’m not quite sure she didn’t just leave, she had it locked in the suitcase for a while. Plenty of time to get the fuck out of there, no? No. She eventually wins, but becomes a basketcase.

There you have it – predictable at worst, hilarious at best. The fetish doll segment is my favorite as you can tell – not nearly as cool as Chuckie and even sillier than a Gremlin.

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