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Chaos Conspiracy – “Out of Place”

By Marcus Pan

Out of PlaceHard hitting, heavy slamming and brutal, Chaos Conspiracy infuses modern nu-metal with old school thrash. Made up of Enrico Falbo (vocals), Francesco Chiusolo (bass), Dr. Monkey (drums) and Marcello Venditti (guitars), Chaos Conspiracy's Out of Place has a sound that is one part past one part present. The question is its future shelf life, but I'm not good at predictions.

Enrico has a definitely female voice (I'm assuming Enrico is a guy). Which is interesting because this is a rare time I've found a thrash/nu-metal group that has a sissy (sounding) vocalist thrown up against heavy-set riffs and brain-slamming drums. Red Eyes opens experimentally with a funky rhythm and allows the good Dr. Monkey to show his prowess and phat rhythms. Almost floaty, which was strange following the slamming Red Mask which opened the album. But in Anthrax fashion, Chaos Conspiracy brings the noise about 1 1/2 minutes in dispelling the clouds and dropping you from your float face first onto a burning concrete slab. The reggae mash-up in the end is cutesy but unnecessary.

Nonentity is an example of why Chaos Conspiracy stands above some of the other nu-metal. It's got a flavor of edginess...unpolished and corrupt. Even when it breaks down a bit into lighter portions it's still dirty and jagged. And compared to much of today's formulaic, brilliantly mastered and highly shiny faux-music of today, Chaos Conspiracy's Out of Place breathes a bit of realism into the made-up masses.

Following this Shadow of the Flow tries to slow it up with some interesting bass versus keyboard work, but doesn't really do much for me. The gritty guitar of Sinful Mirror reminds me of such basement thrashers as Ahab Rex[1] or Alice Donut[2]. By Out of Place, I'm seeing an influx of weirder experimental tunes that derailed the original aggression that Out of Place began. I'm not digging this as much as their heavier, purely balls out side. I do admit that Prayer For Your Silence shows Francesco to be a hell of a bassist. Not to be outdone, Marcello throws down with his guitar shreds in Coldest Time.

Chaos Conspiracy have a good gritty flavor, but lose my attention as they grow weirder through the course of Out of Place. Their combination of nu-metal and thrash give them an edge out there though, and the skills of all of their players is apparant with each musician having a chance to crank one out for you to enjoy. I think Enrico should wear looser pants so he can sound less like Joan Jett.

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[1] Their latest, The Queen of Softcore, can be read on in Legends #160.
[2] One of my basement favorites, Alice Donut’s Three Sisters was reviewed in Legends #143.

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