CD Review

Dendura – “New Life”

By Marcus Pan

New LifeDendura push an Egyptian storyline to their music, not unlike Maiden's Powerslave back in the day. Made up of Aziza Amy Poggi (vocals/keys), Mike Fatzinger (bass), Steve Wethy (guitar/vox) and Jeremy Duffy (drums) you've might have heard their music in a number of films floating around such as Broken, Bed & Breakfast, Cycle of Fear and others.

My first impression of Dendura was that it’s interesting, melodic, but at times has an overt touch of amateurity in such things as subtle rhythm movements, occasional nods to the add-more school of thought (tons of rhythm changes during a song, for example) and while competent should probably not be placed on the same bar as, say, the aforemention Maiden.

I Have a Gun opens smoothly and is certainly a good tune, but there’s a tightness missing somehow. I Nephthys opens with a slower rhythm but moves into a thrashier movement – a ton of rhythm changes ensues that are at times just a tad off between musicians’ work. Lots going on here though, and singularly taken it’s not bad at all, but lacks that tightness again as we move through differing areas of the song. I Nephthys might be trying to be more than it is.

Rage switches up rhythms often too, though doesn’t get as far-fetched as I Nephthys. Bass and guitar runs during Symphony seems to be just a little off – not enough to be bad, but enough to tell me that Dendura have some work to do before reaching high bar levels. Steve certainly handles his guitar well as does Mike – they just need to really get together and play this song over and over and over until it’s dead on. Mummified, which closes New Life, is probably my favorite with its catchy movements and simple, strong bass lines.

Dendura have a bit of work to do, but I certainly think that with the right mixing, right studio and a lot of rehearsing they just might become a decent act to follow. They have a strong sound and lots of good riffs and ideas, but just need to come together a bit tighter to really take it to the next level. New Life on the whole strikes me as a demo more than a true release.

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