By Marcus Pan

Marcus PanI’ve been fuck-all busy lately what-with soccer season, football season, surgical procedures and school starting. And the new dayjob is pretty damn hard, really. All of this happened over the course of the last month or two, promptly crapping Legends to the back burner. Here it is October—and I’m writing the Foreword for the October issue. That’s just not cool of me. I know we went through September without our usual fare of cynical blathering and musical poop, and I know how difficult times are without us for all of you who hang and live on our every word and phrase. But...hey, shit happens. And it happens in droves when it does in my case.

Here we are in October with the 161st issue of Legends Magazine. I’m rather happy with this issue—and I haven’t even finished laying it out yet! The reason is there’s so much here this month. Joey Headset, a hilarious writer, steps up to become our new columnist taking over for the Mean Little Man. We still have Canticle and Auntie PanPan of course doing their Canadian and Scopey things respectively.

Theo, JHR and myself get busy with the revewin’ yo. And next month we’ll try and kick it out on time.

Marcus Pan
Editor, Legends Magazine
October 1, 2006