CD Review

Freudstein – “Mass Market Misery”

By Marcus Pan

Mass Market MiseryFreudstein surprised people with their ecclectic blend of ambient horror and funky techno on their Mondo Freudo release. Still moving along, Wasp Factory Records in the UK bring us the latest from the Brighton UK based duo of David Else and Andrew Bridge.

Freudstein try very hard to remain unidentifiable. Their music will be ambient at times, metal-like, techno, trippy and delve into horror movies, over the top silliness and slap-happy melodies. It's like Looney Tunes’ Chuck Jones dosed too much XtC and then decided to become a horror director. Return to the Old Forest mixes up female sighing vocals, trippy synth melodies and slides in Sneaky Bat Machine rhythms.

Misadventure starts deep and bubbly and brings in a wonderful bass lick that's funky and moving. After this we are dripped into the Filthy Little Whore Pt 2 two-track series, consisting of an Intro and the song itself on tracks 3 and 4 of Mass Market Misery. The near two minute intro tells us a story in spoken word with dripping accoutrements and dark melodies sneaking up from behind. Seamlessly come beats into the fray, completing the story with the help of a metal guitar riff combined with electro-slicings of weirdness.

FreudsteinCome With Me is a heavier, almost thrash song, shredded by electronic melodies and rhythm to nice effect. Once this track is done we're moved into what Wasp Factory says is Freudstein's magnum opus - the three part Robots series that covers three tracks, 6-8, here on Mass Market Misery. It tells the story of man's enslavement to industrial machinery and destruction of human culture at its hands. It all starts, of course, with Conflict In Dollars - sometimes people forget that money is merely an invention of humankind. Instead the world seems to think that humankind is defined by its money…sad indeed.

Wings of Death is an industrial track with heavy guitar riffs and vox-touched vocals. This tune will actually get deep and blargy, with fast moving percussion and angry vocals even nearing the black metal growl style. Sister Sleaze gets trancey with its bright melodies and bass bubble rhythms. It's the mandatory sex song of the album. Laura will lightly trance us smoothly down to Mass Market Misery's close.

Freudstein tend to pop about a bit, and I find it hard to tell you to pick them up if you like this music or that music. They certainly push the bar of creativity, especially with the well done Robots trilogy here, and they'll continue to do so I'm sure mixing in trance, trip-hop, industrial and metal into a strange but interesting concoction.

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