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Keenants—“Let's Start From the Beginning”

By Marcus Pan

Let's Start From the BeginningKeenants - another nu-metal act from, if you take the website into account, Italy. I can tell you that the band is made up of Francesco, Millo, Gabrielle, Marco and Luca, though I'm not sure what each of them do (no press kit). I'd visit the website, but I'm really damn busy.

You know, overall Keenants' Let's Start From the Beginning isn't half bad, but I'm finding myself thinking that maybe they're trying too hard. The cover graphics is a body with a toe tag on it - I find that a bit cliche. Additionally, they open the album attempting a dose of sarcasm, but come across being childish. Their first song is called This Song is Not in a Playlist, and it curses a lot so that it's not in a playlist.

Keenants says “We're SO COOl that we named our first song This Song is Not in a Playlist and then said 'fuck' every other word because we're so COOL you can't TOUCH US we're so DAMN ALTERNATIVE and NON-MAINSTREAM! Oooo let me see you put This Song is Not in a Playlist on a playlist now Mr. DJ Man - you CAN'T because we're ALTERNA-COOL!” Then they promptly channel hit artists like Disturbed and Linkin Park.

The sudden rhythm breakdowns of Feedback annoys me greatly. It's strange the way Keenants' work can be enjoyable and then they shuffle into something lame. The bass line of Feedback, for example is damn good with heavy handed pops and movements. Fat back drumming accompanies Nazarene to a nice degree. But I keep waiting for Dave Draiman to show up and tell me he was bored and changed the band name.

Following stock formulas of the genre, Descent is their power-ballad-that-gets-loud. Nice and solid, dead-on and mastered to a fine degree of shiny. But like a Ruffles, you can't have just one - Everwinter Sky gets all Stereomud ballad on me. Stereomud put out an album a little while ago and we all said, "Oh, you're late. We have a handful of folks playing this already, but thanks if they get cancer we'll call you." None of them got cancer. Stereomud went home. Then it seems they showed up as Keenants just to keep us on our toes.

The thing is this - Keenants isn't bad. No, it's quite slamming, heavy, rifftastic and laced with lots of sparkly bits for all the kiddies to glam over. The music formula is dead on as, well, it's been tested for so many years until the ingredients are perfect. And I'm even finding it catchy and, sure, if I was out having a night on the town I'd probably stomp to it. But let's face it - Linkin Park did it, Disturbed do it to a bigger audience and 311 freaking invented this a decade and a half or so ago. Your tongue in cheek "we curse more because we're cooler" thing at the beginning just made it sillier. But it shore is pretty, ayup.

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