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Kevin Cahoon and Ghetto Cowboy – “Doll”

By Marcus Pan

DollKevin Cahoon’s Doll was the first CD in a long while that made me go “wow” as I drolled through the usual assortment of basement rock, blasé ambient and done-again industrial and goth rock. Cahoon reminds me, conceptually, of folks like China Doll[1] or Glampire[2] – walking their own path, a bit of blues and a bit of rock, a smattering of punk and a little bit of bubble gum and catchy riffs. Buzzing New York’s downtown scene, according to the press page, Doll is Kevin’s debut record.

It opens with a cutesy pulling up to a drive through to which the depressed dude taking the order tells us, “Welcome to my life! Can I take your order?” From there it spills quickly into Doll, a supremely catchy pop-punk anthem about the freaks in school trying to grow up their own way. “I wasn’t cool enough, I wasn’t hip enough…for your clique to share!” Reminds me of China Doll a lot, with more guitar and a more radio friendly atmosphere.

Fashionista keeps the catchiness moving with a bit of funky thrown in to keep your soul bopping. Kevin continually attacks social sensibilities through his first two tracks of Doll. Very few people can fill bars of a song with “Na na na na” and not look like an ass. Kevin can do it without getting too silly – Fashionista is kind of a silly song to begin with, so it fits. Bitch takes us into a downward spiral of a crash and burn lifestyle keeping the beats fast paced and the guitars pumping.

Good Time Gone Bad is a ballad – with tinkering piano, just enough guitar to remind us that Kevin’s not really a happy kind of person even if he is someone you still want to hang out with. I dig the bluesy ballad Saved by the Beauty. A strong statement, smooth movements, very polished. By Mr. Curious I’m being reminded of JackieOnAssid[3] as well as the other guys I’ve mentioned.

Kevin Cahoon’s Doll is a great album. It’s sour bubble gum that keeps to its own self, forcing you to pay attention to the guy from school that you won’t remember because he wasn’t cool enough until now. It’s catchy, rhythmic, strong and radio friendly through most because most people are too damn stupid to realize that they’re being made fun of anyway so you could get away with it.

Contact Information:
Kevin Cahoon and Ghetto Cowboy
Post: 476 Broome St., Suite 5A, New York, NY, 10013, USA
Phone: (646) 613-1101
[1] China Doll’s Pop Noir was reviewed in Legends #105.
[2] Legends Interviewed Glampire in Legends #98.
[3] Interviewd in Legends #106.

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