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Losing Sun – “Inertia”

By Marcus Pan

InertiaInertia, from Europe’s metal act Losing Sun, starts off with Dirtnap on a good note, but before the song ends I’m feeling that it’s a bit bland, like a cardboard replica of previous alternative and nu-metal acts that have been around for some time. The interesting bit is that Losing Sun manage to sneak in a few extra elements – surprising us with a touch of thrash, a dollop of grunge and a sneaky bit of occasional rapcore. The upside is they handle them all well. The downside is the mixture blands itself out, like they’re unable to reach their peak in any one style.

Made up of Marcus on guitar, Paul on Vocals, Mattiaus on bass and Jayce on drums, Losing Sun certainly have a nice bit of talent among them, but they fail to show me anything I can really chew on. It’s like the leftover chicken salad I had for dinner – I had it before, and it was better then, but hey it’s something to eat and I ain’t gotta cook.

Again the funky opening of nominal song Inertia perks my interest momentarily – the squealy riffing guitar from Marcus sneaks in a rapcore bit of shred but they try to mix this with a thrash style on vocals that just loses my interest, then add in a bit of alternative ballad to throw the song off track even more. I’m also finding the typos in their lyrics really fucking annoying and the lyrics themselves are a bit cliché overall too. Channeling the Stone Temple Pilots a bit in Closure.

Losing Sun have a lot of talent, really, but it’s just another dose of talent in an overdose of industry. Inertia is a cold salad compared to the spicy chicken burritos of past years’ newcomers in these various genres that Losing Sun channel into their mix. I dig all the styles they cover, but they’ll have to pick one and excel at it rather than switch off between them. They have thrash down quite well, and grunge too.

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