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Neither/Neither World – “Invisible Angel”

By Marcus Pan

Invisible AngelTypical and everyday-like, Neither/Neither World, while frollicking in the forest, haven't grown their own garden. While I enjoy Wendy Van Dusen's vocals and think Grawer (guitar/bass/drums), Ryan Summers (keys/piano) and Lemon DiGeorge (harmonica) play their instruments well, it's nothing out of the ordinary or refreshing and I've heard these 4/4 shoegazery strains and downcast vocals found on Invisible Angel before.

Shadow of the Wings for example has a nice movement with strumming guitars, background keyboard ambience and a ballast of flowing sky, but I've been here before back when I was listening to They Might Be Giants or Counting Crows or similar 4/4 ballad bands. I've been on the same train and ridden the same roads.

Buried and Gone is a lively tune with heavier guitars, reminiscent of Chika[1] or even Alice Donut[2] on a happier day. It doesn't go as far as I'd like, remaining kind of in the same spot as it kind of jumbles around in a circle. Then we're returned to the simpler 4/4 movements of Postcards with common chords, guitars and spoken read vocals. I Fall Away has a very nice female harmony that I find almost childlike in its innocence and simplicity. This simplicity remains into the bonus track that closes the album as well.

Certainly Neither/Neither World have talent they can use to excelt at their craft, but I think they need to carve their own niche and grow their own garden. The trees that their smooth languid music dances under are the same trees we've danced under before. There's plenty of room in the forest for something new to grow, Neither/Neither World will just have to find it while they continue to explore. For a bit of smooth shoegazing ambience though, Invisible Angel might be worth picking up.

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[1] Chika’s Little Ship Head was reviewed way back in Legends #85.
[2] Three Sisters from Alice Donut was reviewed in Legends #143.

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