CD Review

Nexxt – “Strength of the Rooted One”

By Marcus Pan

Strength of the Rooted OneNext comes Nexxt. This is pretty funny stuff, from the evil photo-cards on the inside jacket of the five man troupe to the blurb descriptions of each song done in broken incorrectly tensed English that I pray was copy edited before it went to full pressing. We’ve talked about Engrish[1] music before, we shall christen this Englian as it’s from Italy.

Vocals of Nexxt remind me of Berserker from Clerks. Sung pretty much the way the Russian (I think?) cousin sang it. Musicianship isn't far off, though the guitars a bit too twiddly for my taste. While most of Italy seems to have climbed onto the nu-metal bandwagon, Nexxt keep it Maiden-like and old school. There's tons of subtle melodies here, if a little dated.

The Strength of the Rooted One takes on a long-playing epic song style as it switches into different rhythms and movements, heavy-soft-experimental. Nexxt are also very avid fans of double-bass drums, peppering Deliver Us From Evil and Twisted Metal with fast BPM slams of adrenaline footsie. The Master and Margarita, a faster old style metal piece with a bit of thrash thrown in for good measure, is probably my favorite on Strength of the Rooted One. Even with its spoken word silliness and oozy ambient section.

Nexxt have to work on their English before they put out English lyrics and content, methinks - or they could just sing in Italian as I'm betting their more attuned with it. But that aside, at least they're not running out and finding a record-scratching DJ to jump on the rapcore bandwagon like the last half dozen or so Italian bands that have come my way. Old school metal - not badly done musically, slightly silly lyrically, but at least it's different from their countrymen.

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[1] See the review of Bathtub Shitter’s Dance Hall Grind from Legends #156.