CD Review

Not a Number – “Lost in Words”

By Marcus Pan

Lost in WordsNot a Number - new I think, though I couldn't tell ya. You can go to for more information, but I have a dozen more CDs to review today and I'm at work and pharmaceutical giants don't take kindly to surfing about for band information on the web. I can tell you who they are though: Daniele Zazza (turntables/FX), Francesco De Honestis (guitar), Marco Valentini(vocals), Fabrizio Cimarelli (bass) and Stefano Marabelli (drums). I know this because the foldout has just pictures of them - nothing about the tracks, songs, etc. Just them.

Pretty standard thrash metal here with scream-blarghy lyrics that swap between the shout and the high-sissy tenor style we see in some nu-metal (Linkin Park, Chaos Conspiracy, etc.). Harmonies aren't bad, such as on track 4, but since I didn't get a press kit and I only have a fold out with a big egotistical picture of the five member outfit and no worthwhile information, we will call it "Four." Four has some intersting twiddly DJ scratchy bits popularized (egads, again?) by Linkin Park. I'm wondering if Italy has a rabid fanbase for this band who's popularity in the states broke in 2000. Seven years later, Italy's farting out copycats by the handful.

I've said this two times already today: the musicianship isn't too bad, maybe slightly more amateurish than some of the others coming out of their neck of the woods, but I'm left with a feeling of Chinese food, I'm hungry again quickly. Track 6 (hereby cristened Six), is your requisite nu-metal power balad. But of course, we can't end like that...Not a Number throws some riffage down and combines it with some nice bass/guitar work to create Seven (aka track #7) to close the Lost in Words EP. This is the best track on the album. It even gets a bit trancy at the end as Daniele gets funky.

I'm getting tired of copycat nu-metal bands. I'm getting especially tired of copycat nu-metal bands from Italy who seem to share notes, lyrics, content and riffs. Few stand out. They could all get together and make an album with each playing a track or two and you wouldn't know the difference through most of it. Let's move on to something interesting now, this was cool when 311 broke through in '95 and by the time Linkin Park showed up in the double oh it was already becoming reheated meat. At this point it's starting to draw flies...somebody throw some spice on this nu-meatle quick!

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