CD Review

The Opposite Sex – “The Opposite Sex”

By Marcus Pan

The Opposite SexA bright collection of punk-like guitars, Joy Division vocals and alterna-synths anchored together by swift drumwork and bass is what makes up the sound of The Opposite Sex. This four track EP has been released to precursor the band's expected full length release in late summer 2006. Made up of Helton (vocals, guitars, keys), Bernardi (bass, guitars) and Svrjcek (drums), this new outfit might be going places judging by their fast moving sound and nice combination of modern alterna-punk with old skool goth.

The fast paced Dollhouse opens this four track, a fast 4/4 tune with balls. Slowing things down, Ceremony builds on a smooth guitar that Bernardi's bass can wind into to create a nice power ballad score. The Sound has a very lively punk flavor, picking the pace up agan to what Dollhouse started. All Consuming has a heady bass laden aroma, disturbing synth work growing against the rhythm like mold. Vocals are whispery, deep spoken word punctuated by movements of strong fingered bass guitar, until the chorus during which Helton rips a high-pitched wail that shreds through the low-bass darkness. Bernardi's bass and Svrjcek's drums work well together as driving forces of the song.

A nicely arranged introduction to The Opposite Sex, this EP. It has their faster tunes like Dollhouse and The Sound with a 4/4 power ballad example, Ceremony, as well. This gives you a good idea of what to expect on their upcoming album, whether they're doing a faster score or not.

Contact Information:
The Opposite Sex
Post: 812 Tenth Street NW, Washington DC, 20001, USA
Phone: (202) 232-8594