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“Prince of Space” & “Invasion of the Neptune Men”


"Prince of Space" & "Invasion of the Neptune Men"I've wittered on about the culural wossname of a Popcorn Double-Feature elsewhere, so I'll just dive in to The Prince of Space which starts with a small Japanese child jumping gleefully on a piano.

As is the way of these things, a man with a crap nose and an aerial in his head has hacked into the telly and demanded the surrender of the earth or there'll be trouble. He's probably going to steal our dinner money. Meanwhile, the scientist chap loitering about looking like Kyle McLachan and inventing a new rocket fuel seems to know more about this sort of malarkey than he's letting on. Look at him, striding around a deserted Tokyo looking all hard in the dark.

On the other side of town, aerial-bloke's landed his spaceship in a rather picturesque pine coppice and is setting about the local constabulary with his ray-gun. At this point, the chap from the front of the Gong LP Radio Gnome Invisible pitches up in his flying kettle to prance about in a cape and generally gives aerial-bloke what for. It's a ding-dong battle and no mistake, but it looks like someone's spaceship's throw a rod and is now emitting smoke like a shagged Allegro. That'll be a bugger to get fixed.

Things you don't want to see in a film: aerial-bloke's beergut and disturbingly-sized package. Apparently they're deploying the undergound tank. Is that a euphemism for... No, I don't want to think about it. Instead we watch a showdown in an abandoned factory with quite terrible shuttering work on the concrete. It must have been thrown up in a hurry by jerry builders. Very poor quality.

Then things just get odd. Shame about blowing up the rocket-propelled Vulcan bomber. No, this is making no sense at all. I'm just going to admire the buildings. Apart from the bit where it turns into Antiques Roadshow inside a Constructivist cinema. That's just really random.

Invasion of the Neptune Men is even less sensible.

It features small boys with flags. Perhaps there will be a Socialist Realist calisthenics display. Then again, perhaps not. There are men from space wearing suits constructed from Wurlitzer organ parts. Yes, it appears to be the SF version of 'The Wurlitzer land speed record' featuring modernist interpretative dance.

Or is it that the Neptune Men are in fact a race of improvisational jazz ballet dancers with weapons designed by Banksy, intent on destoying any symbols of industrial music that they can find? Yes. I fear so.

Who will save us? Perhaps someone from the Yellow Magic Orchestra? Yes! Hurrah!

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