CD Review

Psychotheque – “SHW”

By Marcus Pan

SHWComing off as a more boring and impotent version of D.U.S.T.[1], Gene Loves Jezebel[2] or other similar goth-to-glam style rockers, Psychotheque don't seem to have the staying power to be more than a flash in the pan. Well made and crafted, they just lack that spark that would uphold them as a group to be noticed and adhered to. It’s just “more of it,” I’m afraid, even if Roberto Bonazzoli has a good voice and guitarist Diego Capelli, bassist Stefano Sarzi and drummer/pianist Graziano Capelli have good masterful control over their respective weapons.

This is a difficult review to write. I have nothing really negative to say about Psychotheque, but I don’t have anything rivetingly new to say about them either as they're a good band playing stuff not rivetingly new sounding. Epochal Babel is a great 4/4 ballad with deep guitars laced against soft touch percussion, but so are a lot of things. Roberto’s vocals reach well and carry nicely. The guitar solo that closes the song out is well played, if standard fare.

The synth/guitar combo riff in Hullabaloose is cool, but by this point I’m wandering mentally. A perfect example is the fact that I’ve already begun the next CD review lead in[3] by the time track four, Psychotheque, as arrived with its ghostly woo-woos and slow rock movements. Sleepwalkers has a nice piano movement in it, a soft melody reminiscent of the Aston brother’s lighter moments. The latter tracks of SHW actually become overall soft, brooding and laced with melancholy.

So that’s my take on Psychotheque’s SHW. It’s good, but it doesn’t inspire me beyond things I’ve already heard that are also good.

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[1] D.U.S.T.’s last Lords of Madness release was reviewed in Legends #129.
[2] GLJ’s Love Lies Bleeding was reviewed in Legends #99 and Michael Aston was interviewed that issue as well.
[3] Needle’s Songs Your Mother Never Sang You, if you were curious.