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Ahab Rex – “Blood On Blonde”

By Marcus Pan

Blood on BlondeFeaturing tracks from the Queens of Softcore[1] EP, Ahab rex's Blood on Blonde continues the tradition of basement punk/left wing with applomb. With such guest folks as Ministry's Chris Connelly and Nine Inch Nails' Martin Atkins and remix tracks by Pigface and others, Blood On Blonde has a lot to offer not only the hardcore fans but the goth folks as well - like me.

Ordinary Things is a new track, low key strumming and spoken word vocals that break into unexpected harmonies is the way of it, a catchy upbeat tune even with its lower key guitars and lower tone vocals. The Queen of Softcore is on track two here, as remembered from the previous review. A favorite of mine again with spoken word, almost Beck like, and smooth bluesy bass and funk guitar. Experimental yet successful. Thank You Mister Russia is a shoegazery bit with an almost rap-style vocal set interspersed with pretty girls. Vertigo is a strange and interesting tune with space faring females and vocals being spirited to us from the Spaceship Bass Funk. The Queen of Softcore's To Whom it May Concern is here as well, snuck onto track four, and another of my favorites Undertow no. 5. Dope Sick comes right off of the set of So I Married an Axe Murderer.

The Blood On Blonde (Main Theme) is a surreal selection of tinkered piano. This closes the official Blood On Blonde tracklisting, after which is a remix of To Whom it May Concern from Pigface and a version of Ordinary Things by the Assassins. The Pigface mix is brilliant, buffeting the song with armor piercing bullets of electro bass and slices of electronic joy, turning the song into a brilliant dark dance EBM killer. Possibly the best song on the album.

I'm still digging Ahab Rex's work. You can find them fairly often if you look - lots of contributing songs to tribute albums for David Bowie, the Cure, Nick Cave, Ramones and more. Much of the music still retains its dirty flavor and poetic lyricals done within a bleeding soul and basement coffee house experimental atmosphere. Ahab's voice is unmistakable as ever, a bad acid tripping Beck style spoken by a scratchy throated man who's smoked more cloves than a full time goth chick.

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[1] Reviewed in Legends #160.

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