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By Marcus Pan

AsylumAnother Amicus classic, Asylum features some of the folks you’ll see in their other releases – Peter Cushing most notably, one of my favorites. Amicus were one of the first companies to seriously look at the horror genre – up to this time we had black and white features (Creature From the Black Lagoon and The Blob are notable examples), but few in the way of Technicolor horror. With such features as The Beast Must Die, And Now the Screaming Starts[1] and Asylum, Amicus attempted to redefine the genre – color, a budget and actual acting!

Asylum is an interesting story. A new doctor applying for a position at an asylum for the “incurably insane” is given a challenge to get the job. It seems one of the head doctors has gone ahead and lost his shit and became one of the patients. New shrink-doctor hot shot must go upstairs, interview the patients in the asylum and give his diagnosis as to which of them is the previous head of the asylum.

The movie takes on a Canterbury Tales stint from this point, as you are treated to a mini-movie of each of the patients’ cracked minds and what drove them to being so. Strangely silly stories of magical shining tailor made suits that make cadavers and even mannequins come alive, flailing meat-packed limbs and, of course, your staple multi-personality murder sprees. Then there’s the “other guy” – who makes little cheesy robot-looking dolls that he claims are filled with mortal essence…so to speak.

The robot-driven murder of the new head doc was comical indeed. The flailing meat-wrapped limbs were brilliant and hilarious all at the same time. And the twisty ending – as both the new hotshot doctor and myself chose the wrong patient as being the previous head of care. Seems he had us all fooled. Fortunately enough for me, I’m still alive.

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[1] Reviewed in Legends #160.

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