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Delicate Noise – “Diversion”

By Marcus Pan

DiversionDebut music release from modern artist Mark Andrushko, Delicate Noise’s Diversion touches lightly on subtle melancholy, dark emotions and takes a low-down approcach to expression and intimacy. The music remains slow and smooth, washing in light synthetics and combining these with varying shades of rhythm textures and undercurrents. Most move slower, but you’ll occasionally find the faster paced EBM stylings reminiscent of Massive Attack or Nothing Inside.

Artifical Light is a faster paced piece but only accomplishes such through its bubbling percussion and melody movements while the backing synth washes remain untouched throughout. Innocence is What You Are uses synth washes similarly, but taps a darker emotion with its slower rhythm movements and sighing melodies. Vocals are very human, untouched and have an eerie way of appropriating themselves to anyone’s inner voice as Mark has a vocal quality, though a bit unremarkable, which can be picked up and associated to anyone’s thoughts due to its very commonality.

Mark tries his hand at some experimentalism as we step into Effort of Reduction and while most of his tracks here on Diversion enjoy an experimental quality or at least otherworldy sounds with the electronics, this is one of the most notable “more experimental” than previous tracks. It has a truly “lost in a factory” industrial sound to it. Visual Silence gets spacelike. Tinted Nucleus takes us further into a faster more techno-laden countryside without giving up much of the ambience enjoyed so far, stuffing spoken samples into the mix in a Detachable Penis sort of way – except I was hoping for more story than two lines of text. A very catchy groove, as was Diversion’s closing Synthetic Equation.

Delicate Noise treads a very fine line between ambient and industrial with the collages on Diversion. Pure electronica with even natural noises obviously produced with modern technology, die-hard cyberpunks will dig the melodies while the more relaxed would dig the ambient background musings.

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[1] Reviewed in Legends #160.

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