CD Review

Destination Oblivion – “Larvae”

By Marcus Pan

LarvaeThe triad of Destination Oblivion consists of Dennis Navratil, Joe Martinez and Dan King. Their schtick is your standard industrial overtones of anti-corporatism, anti-trend and individuality with a fair dose of nihilism. Destination Oblivion’s three previous releases, Decay[1], Thirteen Beginnings to the End[2] and Shock Therapy[3] were previously reviewed in Legends. Overall, Larvae still has a thoroughly amateuristic bent, their releases stacking up in quantity but not really reveling in much quality over the years.

Opening very dirty and gritty, reminding me very strongly of Mindless Faith[4], Lost Faith even has a name reminiscent of them. Grungy scrapings, toy piano melodies make an interesting combination. Manipulated is the same scratchiness with more rhythm movements and constant additions as if Destination Oblivion weren’t sure where to stop adding things. Angry vocals and guitar round out the dirge.

Larvae even seems a bit of a backward push when compared to the previous release of Decay, getting more experimental but losing much in the way of being musical. The squealing of Lowcreeper_vs_d:o is fucking annoying and might cause any animals in your vicinity to commit suicide. Disembodied vocal samples just make it suffer more. Fluke45_vs_d:o has the same problem, being a guttural experimental ambience piece of distorted vocals edged with metallic overtones, but doesn’t really do much for me. It just kind of annoys its way along.

I’m not impressed much with Larvae, as I don’t find it moving beyond what they’ve done in the past. Destination Oblivion seems stoic now, archaic even, and will either not add enough to their experiments to warrant it being called “musical” or either add lots of different bits and vox-laced shouts and over-flanged guitar – almost like their playing with new toys – to become more mushy than “musical.” Surely they have learned to create better music than this after four releases.

Contact Information:
Destination Oblivion
Post: PO Box 56641, Portland, OR, 97238-6641, USA
Phone: (503) 254-4007
[1] Reviewed in Legends #151.
[2] Reviewed in Legends #135.
[3] Reviewed in Legends #150.
[4] Manifest Destiny was reviewed in Legends #107.