CD Review

Evangeline – “Coming Back to Your Senses”

By Marcus Pan

Coming Back to Your SensesThe slow beginning of the opening The Silent Scream of Humanity is a nice way to begin Coming Back to Your Senses. It breaks into a finely drawn old school metal, mixing fantasy elements and epic level guitars. It reminds me of Iron Maiden near the top of their game, well played and swiftly moving.

Evangeline are made up of Franz (vocals/guitars), Tato (guitars), Simone (bass) and Marco (drums). The four pull off a powerful sound that makes me wonder if there are a few hidden guest players with an extra guitar or two in the shadows. Brings me back to the 80s, but throws a little bit of Linkin Park vocal shouts to keep it modern and fresh.

Terrible Machine even comes out a bit indie-punk, channelling Simple Plan or Panic at the Disco for their darker moments, with more flair and less straight chords. Watch Me Bleeding keeps this punkish trend moving. Lost Divine reminds me again of Maidenesque epic fantasy pieces, except with more than one decent singer - a highlight to Coming Back to Your Senses. Mind the Message is almost pure indie-punk and The War Has Begun gets a bit emo. For the thrashier types, Blame it On Me surprises in its intensity and anger.

Being Italian, their English is not perfect. It's not nearly as bad as past bands have been, but there's still lines that are lost in translation like Watch Me Bleeding's "In anyone never you won't" or "cause it could lack of content" from Mind the Message. But these aren't as prevalent and you can look past these to the fact that the songs do not lose their message completely, and their lyrics are easily better than some US cliche'd bands I've heard.

I thought Evangeline's Coming Back to Your Senses was nicely done and enjoyable. Mixing elements of emo, punk, old school metal, thrash and well played instrumentation there's a lot here for both modern and old school guitar fans alike.

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