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By Marcus Pan

Office Construction!Right on the heels of finishing the October issue #161, here I am cranking out #162 in an effort to get things back on track before the year runs away from me. This year’s been a pretty good one I think—I’ve had stable work, Legends has recovered from the party debacle and things have been somewhat stable—we’ve even started, with the help of my cousin, to rebuild the Legends office!

This month we have a good range of things. From Little Mikki’s Epic Tales of a Goth Mommy to the return of Jaken Steele who hasn’t been around since issues numbered in the 40s or so. With help from Theo DeRoth, JHR and Dan Century my desk has been cleaned up fairly nicely, and I’ve been a bit of a writer lately as well so things are moving along well.

Bryan RocksMaybe this time next month I’ll be writing #163 from within the new office which, up until a couple weeks ago, was merely a hole in the side of my house.

Marcus Pan
Editor, Legends Magazine
October 28, 2006