CD Review

Future Whirl – “Sister of Light”

By Marcus Pan

Sister of LightSister of Light is very slow moving and soothing, with subtle guitars and lightly tapping beats – a very natural setting and sound throughout this three track release. Bard Titlestaad appeared in our pages before, back in Legends #133, with a release entitled Future Whirl as well and gave us similar workmanship. Bard remains universal and natural with slow moving ensembles, smooth movements and very light rhythms.

Sister of Light has a very Beatles vibe. Backing accompaniament is smooth and soothing, guitars and piano wrapped nicely against a backdrop of naturality. Mystic Journey (Pt. III) has a much slower rhythm and the percussion is not as prevalent, light strums are smooth and vocals are more on speaking terms now. The three track CD closes with Sun Whirl, an instrumental piece. Nearly rhythmless, Sun Whirl is ambient in make-up with subtle manipulations other than the sliding flute-like dirge that mournfully fills the track.

Bard’s work under the Future Whirl banner remains a natural process using man made tools to build from the surroundings. His lyrics are spiritual and meaningful but his voice never damages the natural atmosphere the instrumentals create. Finding a nice balance between the human that is Bard Titlestaad and the natural that is his backing music is managed well.

Contact Information:
Future Whirl
Post: Makeveien 71, 4049 Hafrsfjord, Norway
Phone: (479) 071-7353