CD Review

Le'rue Delashay — “The Revelations of Wave & Form”

By Marcus Pan

The Revelations of Wave & FormOver a dozen releases to date in the "dark classical" vein, Le'rue Delashay's The Revelations of Wave & Form is considered his 4th "major work." Moments of The Revelations of Wave & Form are usually fast paced and thrilling, not so much slower brooding pieces we've heard from Midnight Syndicate[1] or Nox Arcana[2].

He Rides Through Hallows Eve for example, is a swift jaunt through the country on the darkest of nights, brilliantly executed and written with a fiery pace. The Tower on the Hill retains this fast pace with its drum sequences and acrobatic movements comprised of sliding symphonies and constant tolling bells. Once Upon a Midnight Dreary borrows from Poe as it quickly tells a tale without pause for breath.

Piano Sonata in C#m, Op. 143 is quite good, and shows Le'rue's prowess at being a pianist. The downside to this otherwise brilliant piece is how fast it's played - a little over the top, and the speed while skillfull steals from what I believe would be a beautiful piece of music had it been played at a speed more easily perceived.

Our first slower tune comes in the form of The Revelations of Wave & Form, which uses horns and harp to open into a slower paced movement. It speeds up again, only it's now built from something and grew to the faster pace rather than drop into it running like previous tracks, something I enjoy more than the right-out-of-the-gate fast classical movements. After this, The Revelations of Wave & Form will delve a bit into slower classical movements, but by now has been infected with a bit of the doldrums by starting so swiftly and ending so much slower.

While well arranged, I'm not finding much difference here than putting Nox Arcana on RPM 45 and I find myself getting a bit bored of it, fast movements and all, by the time The Revelations of Wave & Form comes to a close. I bet he'd be grand at scoring for film - probably has done so already.

Contact Information:
Theatrikil Productions
Post: PO Box 80050, Minneapolis, MN, 55408, USA
Phone: (612) 827-2666
[1] Their latest, The 13th Hour, was reviewed in Legends #152.
[2] Winter’s Knight and Transylvania were reviewed in Legends #153.