CD Review

None of Us – “Further Hangin' Menace”

By Marcus Pan

Further Hangin'None of Us consist of Davide (vocals), Filippo (guitar), Giuseppe (bass), Daniele (drums) & KR (synth/samples). It comes across like a really really angry steroid-laced emo how Panic at the Disco would sound if you continuously kicked them in the groin before letting them record anything.

Further Hangin' Menace is a bit messy, and I'm finding Davide a little under par with most other singers - either low talking or screaming most of the time. And the guitars are so high-end loud that you couldn't appreciate Davide even if he was one of the world's best voices. Mixing is Beside You for example opens Further Hangin' Menace with blaring guitar which washes out most anything else.

In Every Whisper is amateurish at best, the washing out of everything versus the guitars being a trademark of the lesser talented. Further Hangin' Menace as a whole is also extremely whiny, like a fourteen year old who was told they can't go to the Green Day concert because it's past their bedtime.

Cold has promise, with its deep bass grooves, though I still find Davide less than fulfilling vocally. The guitars aren't as messily laid down as other tracks. A Special Disease closes the album slowly with some electronic ambience infused with soft shouegazery strumming work.

I can't understand Davide because he's either whining, yelling or masked by the overbearing nature of the whiny guitars. And we have the Italio-English lyric issues here. "Your sacrifice is the way to create all my time" (Bleeding Through) for example or "You don't know what are dreams" of Twice Again. Angsty teenagery lyrics combine with whiny instruments to create a whining barrage of faded over-the-top rehashed emo. It's strange how quickly genres can be replicated and refarted these days.

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