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Rezurex – “Beyond the Grave”

By Marcus Pan

Beyond the GraveMixing a heavy dose of Stray cats, The Damned and Cult of the Psychic Fetus, Rezurex are a California psychobilly band with tons of talent and plenty of musical maturity. Featuring Daniel deLeon (vocals/guitar), Jeff Roffredo (upright bass/vocals), Troy Russel (guitar) and James Meza (drums), Rezurex create 4/4 rock'n'roll of a style that when done by others either sounds dated or cliche'. Instead here, on Beyond the Grave out on Fiend Force records, Rezurex instead sound like a window to the best of the genre's past.

The band sounds tight and on, all four working together brilliantly. Spanish invfluenced folk tales like Dia De Los Muertos and the cult-B Devil Woman From Outerspace sound better than nearly any psychobilly track that has landed on my desk (and there's been more than a few lately). The band doesn't go too overboard on the looks, just enough to know their garage punks from the City of Angels, instead relying on their superb handling of their instruments.

Channelling the 50s without much trouble at all, such tunes as Suicide, Don't Mess With Me and Devil Woman From Outerspace reminds me of the wackiness of movie Six String Samurai; Buddy Holly with a shroud on. Don't Mess With Me is fun with its simple moral - a 4/4 rocker that bluntly states to leave your jealousies at home: "Don't mess with me because you got no one to love."

Nueva Vida picks up the pace and slides in a bit of a darker vocal style and takes one of the closest steps toward Misfits laced punk here on Beyond the Grave and continues the trend a bit through Prisoner of Love. After this comes Everyday is Halloween - a Ministry cover one might think immediately, but instead we're treated to another punkier flavored with gutsy bass and great guitar bridges.

Rezurex, with the maturity they have from other bands and projects combined with their concentration on the music as a forefront and the look as an understatement, show us that music that has been done for a while can still be good and worth spinning if its done well. Beyond the Grave is a great release, with a tad of punk mixed with 50s rock 'n roll that is just as fun in August as it is in October.

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