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Scarecrown – “'Til the Last Breath”

By Marcus Pan

Til the Last BreathA bit about Scarecrown and their EP 'Til the Last Breath now. I have no press kit and only a four panel fold-out with no players listed, so the only thing I can tell you is that Scarecrown sounds like Evanescence. And pretty good Evanescence at that, coming across as one of the better nu-metal discs to land on my desk.

This is an EP, so there's only five crunchy morsels available. Pathos X shows you right away where we're going, with opening female vocals against a soft backdrop before the heavy guitars and bass work. The only drawback is that almost everything coming out of Italy to me these days shows them to be a bit behind the trends in a lot of cases, as Scarecrown aren't showing me more than I've already seen before.

I like the sultry whispers of The Valley of Unrest a lot and I think Witch's Heart Fable has a very strong sound and drive. Suddenly and Playin' With a Swindler remain heavy and strong as well, the latter with a catchy drive and riff movement.

Not bad - certainly if you like Evanescence or Scissorkiss this is worth picking up and adding to your collection. But if you're on the prowl for the latest thing in metallic crunch, this will only frustrate you as it adds to the growing pile of faux-goth nu- metal.

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