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Snappity Snap

By Marcus Pan

Snappity SnapI seem to be having concentration problems this week. I'm not quite sure what the problem is, but maybe I'm reaching (have reached) the end of my manic period I was hoping for. I still feel pretty decent though, most notably due to the successful fixing of a water pump attached to my home heating system. Thanks much to Johnny I for helping me with this, as we all know if I attempted to take apart a home heating oil burner I'd probably blow the town of SR off the freaking map, most likely prompting a complete Defcon 5 salute and terrorist alert rise to Amber as FEMA and the CIA investigate a possible terrorist explosion in central New Jersey. While that might be fun and all, I'd probably be too dead to enjoy it.

With all of that in mind I thought it best to contact my buddy Johnny I who can fix things like that (much like I've contacted buddy Steve W to come and take a look at my newly invented Collapsible Roofing System which has failed miserably...I have decided not to patent my Collapsible Roofing System for that reason...and the additional reason that co-inventor Mother Nature would get really pissed if I attempted to patent it without her - so if anyone sees a random tree with a pen sticking out of it, that could have been me attempting to gain her signature).

Onward...the water pump had seized you see, due to not being used in the summer. I haven't really needed heat in the summer and, indeed, at times wanted to remove some so adding more by using the bloated home heating system seemed to be a pretty moot point. Unfortunately, the seizure of the water pump spinner thing (which by the way was nothing like an epileptic seizure as it wasn't moving as opposed to moving randomly as one would do in the latter case) caused the spinner-goer thing in the motor part to go snappity snap. Opening the motor part removed the snappity snap and via a little grabbing, poking and percussive maintenance we unseized the water pump spinner thing so that it would go-go and sprung it up to the motor part so it would spin the spinner to go-go the water. This is all very technical so I won't bore you with this discussion any longer.

The heat's working, and it didn't require my purchasing some other motor part or spinning thingy or anything. Now if I can only perfect my Collapsible Roofing System I'd be in great shape. But nonetheless, the effective correction of an issue I was having without the usual spending of assloads of cash was quite a feature for me this weekend.

Originally a Magman LiveJournal entry dated October 25, 2005.