CD Review

Zombina and the Skeletones – “Monsters on 45”

By Marcus Pan

Monsters on 45The UK's Zombina and the Skeletones, for the past few years, have been kicking out little EPs of their zombie surf goth. After writing up one of their last ones, I had suggested they quit with these little piece meal efforts and do something longer. After all these EPs, they've compiled them onto this, the Monsters on 45, ten track release. When I had asked them to do something full length I did mean of new material - but hey, at least I can now clear up some space on my CD shelf.

Zombina and the SkeletonesMonsters on 45 includes I Was a Human Bomb for the F.B.I.[1], Mondo Zombina[2] and Staci Stasis[3] - all fine releases with groovy music. Opening with the Zombie Hop, Monsters on 45 includes favorites of mine like Spring Heeled Jack, I Was a Human Bomb for the F.B.I., Staci Stasis and Counting On Your Suicide. I'm not going to spend that much time talking about them though - I already did.

I'm going to reiterate my request here: Zombina and the Skeletones are fun and trippy, treating the goth-horror genre with respect, fun and twisting the cliche's into some great tunes. But I've heard these already. Put out a full length, only this time put something new on it. Since I've already reviewed this music, and not in the very distant past either, I'll say ta' ta' here.

Contact Information:
Ectoplastic Records
Post: PO Box 123, Liverpool, L17 2WX, United Kingdom
Phone: 07814 164455
[1] Reviewed in Legends #149.
[2] In Legends #152.
[3] Written up in Legends #153.